Saturday, January 21, 2012


Wait listing is FUN and IT WORKS. On Day 1 of the festival all of our Sundancers scored tickets and saw movies. Go Gaels!! Natalie Farias, Ellen Cowperthwaite, Katy Leadabrand and I wait listed for a very HOT TICKET at the Library Center and we MADE IT IN !! We were one of the last few allowed into the theater. What made it all the sweeter was that one of my former Sundance class students - the incredibly delightful JORGE DIAZ - had a featured supporting role in the film playing a close friend of the main character. The film is called FILLY BROWN and stars Gina Rodriguez, Edward James Olmos, and Lou Diamond Phillips. After the film, Jorge invited us to join him at the cast & crew party where we met and chatted with Mr. Olmos, Gina and other cast members. After the film, I had a chance to interview Jorge. Enjoy the interview (and please forgive my amateurish interviewing skills!!!... so embarrassing). ;-)

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