Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday January 23. Today we tried to get into Sleepwalk With Me, and Room 237. We successfully got into Sleepwalk With Me, and two of us got into Room 237 but one of our comrades could not get in, so instead of watching the movie, we went to the Sundance Channel HQ to get a free lunch--LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND!

Vinny and Stephanie waiting for our first free lunch at the Sundance Channel HQ.

Me, Ashley, and Vinny posing at the Acura Lounge post free lunch #2.

Stephanie, Virginia, and me at the Acura Lounge posing for the camera.

CELEBRITY ALERT--Dennis Haysbert!
24 star and voice of Allstate commercials

Me, Virginia, and Stephanie at the plush Yahoo! room, got some free Yahoo! mittens. Gotta love some swag!

Park City in the day time after the snow storm

Ashley, Vinny, Natalie, Kim Virginia, Masha enjoying the Giants vs. 49er game at one of our class dinners. We had tacos and it was delicious.

Ashley, Vinny, and Stephanie on our way to our first movie of the festival, The Raid. 

Park City during the blizzard of January 2012.

Entrance to the HP lounge.

HP Lounge thats some swanky stuff.

Civil unrest doesn't stop with Sundance, here are some dedicated Occupy Provoers.

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