Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mosquita Y Mari

MOSQUITA Y MARI is a beautifully crafted debut feature written and directed by Aurora Guerrero. Tender and evocative, this is a coming of age story about 15 year old Yolanda (aka Mosquita) and her first love Mari - literally the girl next door. In her introduction, Director Guerrero shared that the film is the story of her own awakening as a queer teen. Guerrero masterfully succeeds in crafting a narrative that invites viewers to experience the universal through the personal. She captures the sweet essence of first love simply and unsentimentally.
One of the hallmarks of Sundance is the nurturing and support of filmmakers who dare to tell stories about those who are least represented and most stereotyped in mainstream films. Mosquita y Mari is a gem of a film and one that will resonant for anyone who has experienced the trials and tribulations of first love.

Venecia Troncoso (Mari) co-stars with Fenessa Pineda (Mosquita) in MOSQUITA Y MARI.
Zachary Farley interviews director AURORA GUERRERO.

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