Friday, January 20, 2012

Gaels at Sundance!!

This is the 16th year that I've had the exciting opportunity to take St. Mary's students to the Sundance Film Festival. It's always an adventure filled with unexpected delights. The shiny, happy faces you see in these photos have worked incredibly hard to become Sundance savvy and they are ready to take the festival by storm. Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! ... the first full day of the festival. The energy in Park City was tranquil and sleepy this first night of the festival when a few films screened on opening night. We were able to get around easily on foot on Main Street - where yards and yards of shimmering multi-colored lights lace the long, inclining avenue from toe to top sparkling with promise and possibility. By noon tomorrow, thousands of people will begin flooding into town to "star" gaze and jockey to see some of the finest films produced on budgets that would barely cover craft service on a Hollywood feature film. Tickets. Tickets. Tickets. That's the obsession and all the rage today, tomorrow and all weekend with tens of thousands of film lovers expected to roll in and trample the streets of Park City - an area equivalent to St. Mary's, downtown Moraga and Rheem combined. And woven among them will be 17 starry-eyed Gaels on a mission to Sundance circles around the best of them. Stay tuned for tales of wonder to come......

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