Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Few Days at Sundance

This week has been jam packed with film, food, and fun!  We saw many many many films this week including...

The Pact
The Bachelorette
Oslo, August 31st
Keep The Lights On
Pursuit of Loneliness
Room 237
Teddy Bear
The Words
The Atomic States of America
Love Free of Die
Chasing Ice
California Solo
Gypsy Davy

....and we are seeing even more today, which is sadly our last day here at Sundance.  With the eclectic mix of films, we have been able to get an idea of what indie film is really about and how it differs from mainstream film.  Many of the films include big names actors like Kirsten Dunst (The Bachelorette) and Bradley Cooper (The Words), but that does not necessarily make a film mainstream.  The kinds of stories, budgets, and lesser known directors and actors can give a film a strong indie backbone.  The stories focus more on subjects that people generally don't like to talk about such as religion, politics, gay rights, poverty and the list goes on.  These films have unpredictable endings and although they may not be heartwarming, they definitely have heart.

We have enjoyed listening to the producers and directors discuss their films during the Q&As after the films, which has given us even more insight on how much work goes into making a film, many of which have been filmed in as little as 15 days (For A Good Time, Call)!!!  The pre-production and post production processes can sometimes be just as grueling as the actual filming and many of the filmmakers here have proven their hard work with such great films.

As the Sundance Film Festival comes to an end, we will squeeze in a few more films, one last group feast, and take in the awesome people and atmosphere that Park City has to offer during this time of year!

Here are some pictures from our week of films/fun/food:

Sundance Premiers
Directors of The Words, Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal
The Cast including Bradley Cooper,  Zoe Saldana, and Dennis Quaid

 At the Premier of The Words!

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